the society of halloween-likers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i think the international society of halloween-likers heard my halloween grumpiness this morning. did i tell you i don't like halloween? i don't like halloween. but i did like this halloween.

this halloween, you see, was different. i almost felt like the byu student body decided that the theme for this year's costumes was 'brooke's favorite things.' link from legends of zelda was serenading me on the piano with the overworld theme, sporty spice was sitting three seats away from me in statistics, and there was a 'binder full of women' washing her hands in the bathroom. and i'm 30% positive i saw a few von trapp children? stop it halloween, now you're just showing off!

and my test was easy today? i answered questions with confidence? when does this happen!

this halloween (i've committed to bolding this...just go with it) i ate four servings of the most delicious tortilla soup from a chili cook-off at my work. even though tortilla soup isn't chili? and i even snuck some home to the jeff-man so i didn't have to cook dinner. because i do that so much anyways.

side-note: my work is fun and young and hip and decided to mandate dressing up. well, sort of. i didn't want to be a party pooper and poop on their party (gross...), so i scrambled for a costume five minutes before leaving. i decided to be a forest ranger. or maybe i was a girl scout leader? i really just ended up looking like a butch, if we're being frank.


on the bright side, i was the designated candy-passer-outer for my side of the building and i think my ovaries about exploded from all the little kid cuteness. my favorite was a bashful little boy dressed up as the old man from up. or maybe it was the princess who responded "i know..." when i told her she was the prettiest princess in the whole wide world. be still my soul...

this halloween, we ended the night at a obligatory (but so cute and slightly spooky!) holiday-appropriate movie at the dollar theater paranorman. the send-home message was adorable-- people are different and we should love and listen to them, no matter how crazy we may think they are. plus there was some gay-tolerance subliminal messaging, or at least i'm almost sure, and that coupled with a large tub of popcorn never hurt anyone! and it was a little risque? but it's halloween. and risque, we shall!

so this is me throwing my hands up, dearest society of halloween-likers, because this halloween was actually pretty darn great. and now my sugar-high begins to fall...

happy halloween!


  1. that little boy in the Up costume. ohmygosh. can I take him home?? I'm glad Halloween was nice to you this year! sounds like y'all had a blast.

  2. I have to say that Halloween becomes soooo much better with kids! Lily and Audrey were DARLING, if I do say so myself. And they make me love the day 100 times more! And with kids Halloween becomes 100% less slutty. ha ha ha! The slutty factor is why I've been a grouch about Halloween. Yay for kids, they save the day!! ;-)

  3. I agree with haley! I want that little boy. Best costume ever!!


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