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Monday, August 31, 2015

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it has been a full 72 hours since i last had a diet coke. you want to know what? i feel horrible. i've had an ongoing headache + literal daydreams about filling up a large 44 oz. at my corner 7/11.

but anyways. today my computer died. just DIED!
i was subbing (yes, subbing. as the ancient proverb says : Idle Hands lead to Too Much Money Spent at Target) in a jr. high computers class + had some serious intentions of editing a wedding + watching 'when harry met sally' + then poof! dead! bye! black screen, frozen keyboard, no remedy. apple care awaits me tomorrow which might mean i need to break my diet coke fast because LONG LINES! oh. and also nordstrom...

so then i was just stuck! no computer! in a middle school classroom full of hormones and screaming and hugging and hitting and the misuse of eyeliner which meant that i had to ask all of my usual suspects for texting about their feelings on the vmas + kanye west for president. oi.

my thoughts : i think he started strong! like, i'm going to apologize for my wrongdoings + also shed light on why i am so passionate about the music industry (justin timberlake's tears!) + throw in an anecdote about my daughter and then mush. poof. fart. he lost his train of thought and was just like...ummm...now what? and then someone was like 'KANYE FOR PRESIDENT!' and he was like, stage fright?! who am i kidding!? i am yeezus! yes! that! kanye 2020.

poor kim. her face said it all : please. stop. get him off the stage. keep smiling. stop. smile. no. no. no.

anyways! THE DAY MUST GO ON, as they say!

and now i am watching bachelor in paradise and regretting not getting fries with my chick fil a salad because who doesn't suffer from fry regret? i either regret getting them or i regret not getting them. such a fickle lover, those fries!

p.s. send prayers for my laptop, please and thanks!

p.p.s. while were in nashville (more on that later because it was so glamorous and so fun and NASHVILLE!) we didn't have a full length mirror so jeff had to take a picture of every outfit i put on. what a good sport! that is love! also he chopped up all the onions today. what a romantic, that jeffrey. 

p.p.p.s. most probably thought my boobs looked great in this shirt and wanted it immortalized. THE MORE YOU KNOW! 


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