and another handful of candy corn, please?

Monday, October 29, 2012

today i feel like i am the literal manifestation of monday. my eyes are crusty, my hair is greasy, and my intestines are still mad at me for dinner at panda express on saturday (i'm sorry my sweet pancreas, blame jeff!). also i have a mad hankering for a long nap, two handfuls of candy corn, and three continous hours of how i met your mother.

we spent our weekend indulging in halloween festivities. ready, set, gasp: i really don't like halloween much. it might be the anxiety over finding the perfect costume? maybe the bad mix of my mood and refined sugar? or perhaps it's just the fact that i positively hate being scared.

we went to a haunted corn maze with friends...couple friends, mind you. the mazes were all fairly mediocre. i think we arrived right as they were winding down. most of the mazes only had a few people there to spook of the 'spookers' i am 93% certain went to my high school (he was jamming to metallica and mumbling threats. verrrrrry teen-angsty). i was legitimately scared once (ONCE! and i am jumpy!)...and promptly fell on the ground? suffice it to say i would be the first to die in any scary movie. besides 'the house of wax' because paris hilton is in that, and i mean really?

on the bright side, we scored a free dinner nearly every night this weekend, bummed a free hot chocolate off our friends, and stuffed our faces with better-than-sex cake (i object!)(...most of the time!).

p.s. holiday season? is that you peeking your jolly head around the corner?

p.p.s. i'm listening to a podcast called wait, wait don't tell me and nancy pelosi, you are kind of funny!


  1. It was fun to see you there! And I'll have to agree about the haunted stuff. Just count your many blessings that you were there with your husband...awkward hand holding up the wazoo for me!

    1. *insert the emojicon which indicates that i'm laughing so hard i'm crying*
      that's hilarious. and awkward. but mostly hilarious.


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