and then we went to moscow...

Monday, October 1, 2012

 if jeff were to give mate-seeking advice, i think it would go something like this: "marry a woman who is an orphan. or doesn't speak with her family. or lives in a foreign country." 

poor baby got suckered into driving the not-so-quick twelve hour drive to moscow last weekend with me. i was craving some family time and some northern idaho goodness! we left late thursday and bunked in mccall (we couldn't take the final three hour leg!) and left early sunday morning. it was so good to see my family and my sweet mother did ALL of our laundry. i'm talking sheets, towels, rugs...the whole deal. and isn't there something dreamy about a full fridge and pantry? i swooned every time i opened the door.
my camera was an afterthought to the whole trip -- i only snapped pictures during the car ride because, well, the license-plate games gets REAL boring after a few hours. but some of the highlights of our quick little trip were eating (no, but seriously; eating out, eating in, eating here, eating there...i felt like we squeezed so many calories in such a little time!), watching my siblings' games, and realizing SHOOT! i am young. ha. i didn't feel one bit older! when is it going to hit me that i am not in high school? go bears!

thanks for having us, family! (and thank you jeff for being the literal best person in the world -- forever my favorite car ride partner...but seriously, guys, he is!)


  1. Payton and Kenzie played volleyball together the other at the HIRC and I finally got to ask her "was Brooke in town a week or so ago?" I was trying on clothes in the dressing room at Macy's and kept hearing "Cuute" I laughed and tried to hurry out I knew it was you!! Glad you got your family fix, and some shopping at out little mall.

    1. oh my heck! that is too funny. my voice is too distinct...or maybe just loud? ;)


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