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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sometimes late at night, i have the itch to stay awake until my eyes weigh thirty pounds. it's just one of the many weird parts of being brooke? i'm so spontaneous! and interesting! last night at eleven, i started to get the itch. i can feel it coming, you know. it usually starts with two bowls of cereal, heavy internet surfing, and a sudden urge to make a list and some rash decision. 

after a generous serving of honey bunches of oats (sadly, significantly better than the knock-off brand, come ON western family!) and a long stare into the mirror debating the state of my eyebrows, i needed a movie. i'm fairly high-maittenance when it comes to movie-watching. i only like watching movies in theaters with a large soda + popcorn combo (and i will always complain about the price), or at eleven p.m. on my computer. again, i'm spontaneous! and interesting!

i consulted the movie-lords and chose dead poets society...primarily based on the fact that it stared robin williams and i've never quite gotten over him in hook. you guys! my life is forever changed. or something like that? maybe i was just in a state of IT IS 2 A.M. delirium? 

but have you seen this movie? see this movie. 

oh captain, my captain. 


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