and for that, i am thankful (pt. one, or so i think?)

Monday, November 5, 2012

sometimes i feel like november is awfully overlooked. like rob kardashian, you know? sure, rob has a sock-line and yes, he is the only male kardashian left to carry on the name (actually, psyche: you know kimmy k. will never forfeit that alliteration)...but really, who is rob kardashian besides kim's sister? i mean really.

and how rude! for november... not for rob. i mean really? a sock line, rob? november is good for more than the promise of an encroaching christmas holiday, afterall. though there are only fourty nine more days. but who is counting?

which is why, november, i'm dedicating this to you.

and now, inspired by november: things i am thankful for, part one of...maybe one? maybe more?

+ my mother and sisters visiting town this past weekend and the you are on vacation so rules don't count, right? sonic runs every day.
+ it's birthday week in the stapleton house! so happy my jeffrey was born (...and that he has requested the greasiest and butteriest meals this whole week. i mean, if we have to?).
+ kicking off jeff's birthday week with  a meal of his choice. he is the white-trashiest so we had chicken crescents (cream cheese + chicken + butter + crescent rolls), frozen corn, and pineapple upside down cake. um, yum.
+ and while we are talking about food, you guys: sam hawk in provo. what? it's right by our house and is a total hole-in-the-wall but seriously, best korean food ever.
+ the most organized closet you ever did see. it was the best/worst idea but it's color-coded and everything. i know, right? 
+ being a diva and requesting yogurtland while everyone at in n' out. and also that everyone called me queen b for the night? (a diva is a female version of a hustler...)
+ new running shoes that are the perfect amount of squishy.
+ the annual (annual? annual!) mosman/stellmon pre-christmas-christmas party this past saturday!
+ jeff buying two pairs of pants this past weekend. jeff hates buying clothes and also has a bad habit of purging his closet every...week. this means he only had one pair of pants and boy, was i sick of looking at them. but this weekend, he bought TWO pairs. applause? applaud!
+ this beautiful weather. is anyone else crossing their fingers it stays?

you happy, november?


  1. Loved this!! So happy you mentioned the party!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!


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