the tale of aceit mcblade...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

during our short stint in courtship, i got quick little glimpses of jeff's nerdiness. 
star wars quotes, lord of the ring fun facts, squeals over halo 4's preview and the free release of guild know, the like. 

i found it kind of cute and endearing. like, "he has this little nerdy side, how cute! and ironic! wonder if we can pass as hipsters yet?" 

like, i know. i bug myself too.

anyways: enter aceit mcblade. jeff's top-secret-but-not-secret-anymore (i received permission to share this!) alter ego on twitter in which he keeps up with all things nerdy that he doesn't want to 'publicly follow.'

the logic! 
i found out about this alias this morning when i opened my computer and GASPED thinking that some man had broken in in the middle of the night to check his twitter account? 

the logic!

should i be weirded out by this? i might join in and create one for myself in which i follow all the high schoolers from my hometown (what? they get in twitter-fights and stuff; that's juicy stuff!) and wendy williams.


  1. ahhahahah. this is so great. i don't know why i find this so hilarious. but it is so funny.

  2. This makes me like Jeff even more!! And honestly Brooke, who hasn't seen Star Wars?!?! ;)


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