in which i admit that i love myself...

Friday, October 19, 2012

i have a confession to make. you ready to roll your eyes and call me a narcissist? okay. my confession: i love myself. 

told you you would roll your eyes! but let me start with a disclaimer: there are definite parts of myself i don't love; i don't love particular parts of my body or how i get grouchy after eating too much refined sugar (baking is basically banned over here; snacking on the dough is inevitable...and so is a meltdown) or my smile in pictures (like...what are you doing brooke?! and why is a cup always my prop of choice?!) or how everything i do is LOUD (wait, actually i don't mind's kind of endearing?). 

but for the most part, i'm a big fan of myself. is this such a crime?!
(this picture is evidence that 1. i have a picture-face that's like...what? and 2. i reward myself. the target run was a reward for staying almost-the-whole-time at work...)

yesterday as i was walking out of the testing center, a girl was on the phone with her mom in utter hysterics about her score on her test. she was going on and on about how her bad score (a 73 percent!) was unacceptable and how she was never going to get in her major or have a career or get hit on while crying (just kidding, she didn't say that...but she probably won't. she wasn't the most attractive crier -- i feel you, sister!). meanwhile, i was doing a mini-celebration over FINISHING my statistics test and answering most all of the questions! i sat still for over an hour! double fist-pump!

as i walked home, i thought about the differences between me and that girl. when i got home, i admitted to jeff that i realized my unwavering love for myself has really gotten in the way of my academic success. actually, it has gotten in the way of success in general.

rarely, rarely do i push myself. 99.9% of the time i am perfectly content. and i rarely get mad or down on myself...i mean, i do. but mostly about really silly stuff like gaining weight or legitimately considering buying a pair of jeans with bedazzled pockets. and then i get over it and move on. are you feeling me? 

and now, proof:
  • i rewarded myself for going to class everyday last week by skipping two classes this week? 
  • because i have done tony horton's (I LOVE HIM!)(mini-brag...) p90x program for three weeks straight, i took a whole week off. and digressed. 
  • the 8-week challenge has gone down the tube because 'i like myself too much.' 
  • ...however, i did reward myself with frozen yogurt for actually sticking to it for two weeks.
  • every time i sleep in past my alarm, i justify it to jeff with "my body just really needed it."
  • ...i've cried over a test score maybe once? and that was probably because i got a paper-cut while turning it in.
  • if it pertains to math, science, arm workouts, crafting, or sprinting...i'm happy with 'just finishing.'
  • most all of the time i don't look at my test scores in fear of getting mad at myself for not getting mad at myself. did i make sense?
  • i always set new years resolutions that i know i can complete so that i'll feel good about myself. 'don't kill anyone' and 'no tattoos' were apart of last years.
  • ...i do the same thing with 'to-do' lists. i just write a bunch of stuff down that i've already done! the thrill of crossing stuff off instantly! 

oh heavens. i know, i know-- if i truly loved myself i would push myself, tony horton. i get it. but it's like...oops?

maybe i'll turn a new leaf this week and set some goals that really push myself. but probably not. 
in the mean time i'll just eat one big sandwich of mediocrity while happily staring at myself in the mirror.


  1. You are HILARIOUS. I love myself too. It's a great place to be lolz

    1. right?! i'm glad you understand this! lets go eat dinner while staring into a mirror and stalking ourselves on facebook?

  2. this is the best. probably because i feel the same way. confession: i unfollow every health & fitness board on pinterest. i don't need that in my life... i love myself; my fast food eating, constantly baking (and eating), gym avoiding self.

    1. wait, stop! i do that too. ha! i love it! all that mumbo jumbo isn't good for the soul.

  3. YES. I blogged about something similar lately. Um, loving yourself is kind of the best thing in the world!? (YES!) No shame.

  4. you're the greatest. p.s is an anti-tabacco company sponsoring your blog?! >>>>>


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