things i am grateful for...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

one: my dreamboat, jeffrey. did i tell you we have been married for two whole months now? well, we have. this past month of marriage was especially great. i feel like things have just gelled. we are no longer moving things in or worrying about wedding details or dying of OHMYGOSHGROSS-ing too hard when the other passes gas or leaves a hairball in the shower. you know what i mean? and we have so much fun together. oh, do we have fun. doing...nothing? i love that. now, enough about him!

two: bed bath and beyond out of my ears! i thought that we had used up all of our store credit and then BAM! found these puppies in one of my pockets. oops? i promptly treated myself to a....VITAMIX! it was a purchase mostly founded on my love for the vitamix man at costco, he is always so charming and enthusiastic...always.

three: did you guys watch the relief society general broadcast? i missed it on saturday due to traveling so i watched it on tuesday. i felt like each talk had a paragraph or two that was meant for me to hear -- i felt so uplifted. now i am antsy for conference! ...uchtdorf...silver fox.

four: texas roadhouse TWICE in one week is a bad idea for the thighs, but seeing my lovely cousins (and morgan) is always good for the soul. eww...i was trying really hard on that last sentence. the point is: i love these ladies and the laughs we have.
five: summer lovin' is real. SO many birthdays these past few days! happy birthday to sydney, annabel, morgan, beau, and sean. and can we talk about costco cake? i am sorry, sugar fast! i am sorry!

six: my morgan dates. and my cubby dates. and my cubby dates with morgan.

seven: SWEATER WEATHER! and layering weather! and colder weather! (and yes, i am in the bathroom and not really wearing any layers nor a sweater...i just liked my outfit, okay?)(maggie's post proved i am not the only human being that does this -- you guys snap pictures of cute outfits too, right?)

eight: whenever i see my friends, i always leave laughing and sweating, but that's besides the point. i remember a married-friend telling me that once you get married, you will never see your friends again. the thought was haunting! thankfully, mine haven't disappeared. or died. or ran away. thanks, friends! but seriously, i love that i live so close to a few of them (avery and morgan) and am able to see and chat with them on the daily. jeff just doesn't understand the importance of celebrity gossip, you know?

and have i told you i love october?


  1. YES. I knew I wasn't the only one. Also, tooo much cuteness all over this post.


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