you guys, mckenzie claire is TEN today! she is in the double digits!when i was home, i could feel her getting older. perhaps it was because she no longer laughed at all my stupid jokes or perhaps it was because she put me in my place a few couple hundred times (in one instance, i had promised to have a sleepover but was dreading the thought of sharing her small twin bed so i asked if we had to share a bed. her reply: “you can either share the bed with me or you can sleep on the floor. i am going to enjoy the bed either way.” oh…okay…and into the bed we squeezed!)
and now she’s ten. now everybody sing-say it in unison: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKENZIE!love you like crazy! you are my most favorite ten-year old with a first name starting with ‘m’ and ending with ‘e’ out there (…the competition for most favorite ten-year old is tough this year…)

“oh, darling, don’t you ever grow up,
just stay this little.
oh, darling, don’t you ever grow up,
it could stay this simple.”