Monday, October 8, 2012

some mornings i wake up crusty. my face, eyes, hair, even my SOUL feels crusty! exclamation point! i always wonder why this is? this happens often (...mondays..), and i have mastered the remedy: diet coke, shower and face SCRUB, and a large helping of sriacha (you guys, i am on such a kick! my sinuses are like 'hey! we are awake!'). 

...i'm lost in translation. what was my point again? this was all supposed to be some drawn-out metaphor? 

ah, yes. this weekend my soul was 'de-crusted' and awakened. conference was exactly what i needed. i was feeling a little 'crusty' lately, you know what i mean?

i am still suffering from a case of the tingles (vow: i will never use that expression again...) over the new mission age requirements; boys can serve at eighteen and girls can serve at NINETEEN. this is huge. i have told both my sisters that they better be serving missions and am so giddy for my lady friends. 

i was talking to my avery-friend about conference and she remarked how she loved the urgency they conveyed -- learn to live now, learn to serve now, heed to promptings now, turn to the lord now. how did you not want to jump out of your seats and figure out who the heck you were supposed to be visiting teaching for the past two months anyways? (...i'm meeting with her tonight! DE-CRUSTED!)

if you missed a session or are just plain curious, watch/read/listen here. it will awaken your soul more than sriacha and diet coke, i promise.

"life is not meant to only be appreciated in retrospect." -- dieter f. uchtdorf (silver fox extraordinaire)(did you guys just die picturing him and his wife riding their bikes? too cute for words.)

p.s. it was so special to have my nikki-friend with me. nikki converted to the church just last april (april, right?) and has had unwaivering dedication to the church and the lord. she's now at byu-idaho. and will kick your butt in golf. and is single? wait, what?


  1. ooh, i hadn't really noticed the NOW emphasis, until you mentioned it, but I can totally see it! love that.


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