hi, i'm alive!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

…with the power of love!
(or is it glory?)(or is that even a song?)(…irrelevant)
But seriously. I am alive. I didn’t get raptured or anything (thank heavens).
Speaking of getting raptured, was I the only one that was seriously nervous? Followed by the feeling of disappointment that it didn’t happen? Followed by the feeling of shock that it was ‘raptured’ not ‘raptor-d’?
Also, fun fact: did you know that some people made like, millions of bucks off of this? They offered pet-sitting services for people post-rapture and charged a steep down payment. Genius.
As far as what I have been up to, (I know you guys are interested)(why did I just say you guys?)(because we are just one big happy blogging family and I  can call you friendly name like that…that’s why), I think the picture sums it up perfectly.
…and the Bachelorette is on.
The end.
(this post should have been named: hi, i’m alive…with nothing to say…but I wasn’t raptured)

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