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Monday, November 24, 2014

Right now, I am sitting at my in-laws in sunny Southern California. Guys, it was EIGHTY DEGREES outside today. I feel like my frozen body is starting to thaw out +, truth be told, I don't know how I feel about it. My body was 100% ready to be winterized (winterize : the act of layering so many scarves, sweaters, coats on that your body actually resembles a square) + then poof! T-shirt + short weather. Woof. We went to the mall today + I am fairly certain people are just faking winter here + wearing boots and sweaters anyways.

Hi! Happy Monday. Here's what's been going on :

Jeff  + I went to Active Culture Cafe today in San Clemente. I ordered the 'Wholesome Bowl' + Jeff had the nachos. It was super yummy and filling yet didn't give you the sluggish post-Panda Express feeling (...you know the one? The Panda Express headache/stomach ache/deep regret?). Though I have to admit, the whole time, I kept thinking about the Vegan cafe sketch in Portlandia with the 'farting patio.' Ha. Healthy eating has its downfalls. ;)

LEFT : At the wedding on Saturday, a bridesmaid made all the other bridesmaids these turquoise rings + gave one to me, too! (...after I blatantly hinted that they were SO CUTE and WOW I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A RING LIKE THAT (all caps, bold letters). Nicest thing ever. I love nice people. RIGHT : I took a long walk this morning + listened to a book for the first 1/2 + switched to the Spotify playlist 'Top 100 Pop Tracks' on the way. Perhaps one of my better decisions in life.

WIDE OPEN SPACES. Really my only thoughts while driving from LV --> CA. I've never quite recovered from my Dixie Chicks affair. Their songs sound good with everything.

LEFT : Per Jeff's request, we ate at an all-you-can-eat Sushi bar for his birthday. I have decided that an AYCE restaurant is perhaps the 5th most depressing place on EARTH. Everyone is all sweaty + miserable + trying to break even despite being totally stuffed. But you know, HBD Jeff! ;) RIGHT : Thai food just tastes better when eaten in hotel beds. Or something. Maybe I was just overly hungry.

Obligatory new hair selfie. Except this filter makes it look orange which, I assure you, it is not. But I mildly felt like Kylie Jenner except with orange hair, not green, and also way less money and way smaller lips and never mind...

LEFT : If I told you I ordered these immediately after seeing Interstellar, would you judge me? RIGHT : This is my nephew Timmy. He likes taking selfies, so most obviously we are kindred spirits.



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