MONDAY : pits // peaks

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the peaks //
|| sleeping in until 9:45 (woops)
|| jamming to 'FLAWLESS' my whole drive to Murray
|| lunch with my cousin Sean at Cubby's (steak salad and cousin time make for a good day)
|| frozen dates (the food, le doi)
|| catching up on SNL + 90 Day Fiance
|| fresh painted nails (heyo!)
|| Chelsea Peretti's standup comedy
|| signing Jeff up for a gym pass(!!!) + forcing him to be my gym partner. He's cute.
|| dinner with pals for Lily's birthday (HBD!)
|| a new container of almond butter (from the bulk section at Winco, nothing better)
|| Sodalicious + Sydney Walton 
|| girl time with Al + Syd 

the pits // 
|| nearly crying in an 'Insanity' class because it was INSANE
|| driving to three different Microsoft stores to find a charger with no avail (BOO!)
|| adult acne (I'm 97% sure I'm going through adult puberty? Is this a thing? Dear Face : WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!)
|| the mountainous piles of laundry covering the bedroom floor. I think they are mocking me.
|| deciding at the beginning of the day to write your Tuesday 'to-do' list because getting stuff done just ain't gonna happen
|| rotten grapes. Yelk.
|| the freezing walk from my house to my car (I'm debating becoming a hermit but who would make my fountain drink runs? Still figuring out the logistics)


  1. adult acne is a real, and terrible, terrible thing. i feel you, and i'm sorry.


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