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Friday, November 28, 2014

We spent this Thanksgiving with the Stapleton side in Orange County, baby!
It was a day filled with food, naps, food, and, of course, a long game of UNO.
...and more food. Is anything better than leftovers? Stuffing + cranberry sauce
are my personal faves.

I am so thankful this year -- practically brimming! Let me make this clear : this year has not been perfect + I gained far too many I feel sort of depressed right now pounds this summer but WOOF! The good always outweighs the bad + life is good. I am so thankful for my it and all of its changing components. I remember someone once told me they felt like love was a pie + you could only love so many things before the pie was all gone + you were left with a pan to clean.
People! There is so much to love + I firmly believe that we will never run out of pie. Unless it's my mama's pecan pie because that stuff is magical. ...where am I going with this? Oh, yes. That I am so thankful that my life is bubbling with so much to love: music, food, TV shows, people, places, anything by Nate Berkus (mmm...child). And I am thankful for my constants : my family (immediate, extended, in-laws...all of you! I love you all!), my faith, my friends (old + new + fictional), and my Jeffrey.

Life is good.
Leftover turkey sandwiches are better.
Let's blame this corny rant on the tryptophan.


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