Wedding-ing // LAS VEGAS, VIVA!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sometimes I feel like Brooke the Wedding Photographer is an entirely different person than Brooke the Blogger or Brooke in Real Life or Brooke on Saturdays at Home. I feel like this is a small insight into my need for compartmentalizing things and/or my multiple personalities. Either way, I should probably go see a therapist. Also I'm braless in four out of five scenarios.

Today I shot a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas + now I'm lying in bed with a face full of acne treatment in a room that smells like takeout Thai food (...Jeff!...) watching Big Bang Theory and trying to ignore the squeals of the Bachelorette Party next door. Commence Brooke at Night in Las Vegas-- a misleadingly sexy title.


P.S. Our room is right across the street from a strip club. Ha.
We opened our blinds last night to see a very much open
'Gentlemen's Club.' Oy. The air is thick with daddy issues.

P.P.S. What in the world, Bill Cosby? My mom just told me
about all the craziness today. All I could think about was his
collection of sweaters. But also yuck.

P.P.P.S. Jeff + I have been reading (listening) to Gone Girl.
I am hooked. Have you read it?! I feel like it's going to be nuts.


  1. you are quite possibly one of the funniest people i have ever met!

    love reading your blog.


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