Eh, we tried

Saturday, November 29, 2014

We took family pictures today. Shane is on a mission in Spain (Shane in Spain -- who wants to patent that children's book idea?)(side note : I was watching House Hunters International, and this couple wrote children's book for a living and made bank. Seriously. Who'd have thought?)(side side note : why are the weirdest people always on House Hunters International? Is there a correlation between wanting to live in the Caribbean + having poor social adaptability?) so he is absent but I don't think they look half bad for a quick little trip to the park. Right? This is where you validate me...

Also how pretty is my sister-in-law? Woof.

We did individual family shoots of each couple (...except Kevin. Ha.) + I handed over my camera last minute for a few quick snaps of Jeff + I. We will file this under the 'Eh, we tried' category, sub-category 'Chubby Thanksgiving Face.' 
The end. 


  1. These are adorable. But much better than, "Eh we tried!"


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