the weekend jeff ran a half marathon?

Monday, May 6, 2013

if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that jeff + i ran a half marathon this last weekend. originally, my brother was supposed to run it with me (...well, originally we were supposed to run a full marathon...but that's for another day, right?) but he had "a work meeting" and was "super bummed" that he couldn't. that boob! ;) my mom suggested talking jeff into doing it -- perhaps suggest that i would do all his chores for the rest of the year? actually cook something? pull out some crazy sexual favors?

alas! he ran it. well, hobbled + wobbled it. but we finished. let this be a lesson about the power of positive thinking and also an indication about my skills in sexual favors. ha! only kidding! i'm like twelve. let's just end this whole paragraph with a cyber side-eye and a big, fat, collective push for me to have my own cosmopolitan column. ha! but really...

please assume we are a fitness-savvy couple now. mostly because we aren't. 

other than that, we spent the weekend lounging around and making plans to run s'more! because when you are stuffing your face with in n' out, you kind of forget how dreadful 13.1 miles really is. *let it be noted: we, especially jeff stapleton, have been dangling around the whole half marathon and thirteen point ONE! miles thing. it's obnoxious and kind of reminds me of how my jordan-friend would always, always clarify that he was going to a.p. calculus and had to write an essay for his accelerated english class (hi jordan!). 


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