it's may twenty fourth.

Friday, May 24, 2013

it's may twenty fourth which means a lot of things but most importantly, it means that there's a might storm brewin' in mah nether regions. 

...annnnnd all men stop reading now. or don't. i dare you! actually, just keep reading. i don't mention my ovaries again. except right then. ovaries! 

i could feel it coming, i always do. suddenly i am on the verge of tears about everything : the kindess of the person in front of my towards the cashier at walmart, the sweet sounds of eric church coupled with driving with the windows down, and holy #*%#, i'm out of garlic hummus. i love garlic hummus. 

also i pounded a couple handfuls of chocolate covered almonds. no really, pounded. it wasn't dainty; i took a mouth-to-the-fist type of approach and came up gasping for air. i also ate a *90 calorie* ice cream sandwich for breakfast that was in need of 180 more calories (tasted like cardboard), but that's for another time.

...the point of this all is that there is really no point. this week was a breeze, the weather was perfect, and i made a goal this week to not wear my hair in a top-knot but, alas, in the eleventh hour, the top-knot prevails! but don't you think that a goal to not wear a top-knot is actually all sorts of silly? like, who is the top-knot harming (besides my poor, poor hairline...)? 

the end. 


  1. wait, that was me today, only it was trail mix i was double fisting. so good. and please rock the top knot for me, i wish i could but with my stupid long and slippery hair it just never stays in. i finally gave up one day. (ps i like your new design!)

  2. the top knot looks fabulous on you... i'm fully supporting it!

  3. cut off your top knot and send it to me in the mail. i'll then glue it to my head so i look as fabulous as you do with my hair up.

  4. The explanation of being on your period... WOW. Pick a route, professional or crass. Not both. It's very confusing. Not something I personally would talk about with friends, let alone publish to the world online. Very odd, I must say. I would think about what you're posting before you post it. Also I would recommend an English major, or frankly anyone with a diploma to edit your content before it is posted. I think it would help immensely.

    1. i choose crass! i choose crass! or *professionally* crass, rather.

      but thank you, i'm equal parts complifended and will make sure to send my blogs and ramblings about my period and lady business and other some such things to english professionals.

  5. I just love that comment from Amanda, it sounds like my great grandmother wrote it in 1910. Talking about periods with my friends? Why I never! How unladylike! Good thing you didn't mention sex or use any swear words, Amanda might have fainted.


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