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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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  1. i am a top-knot and let's get the heck out the door type of gal.  
  2. i am a loud-laugher. 
  3. i am as easy to entertain as a child (and easy to distract, too).
  4. but i am an old, old soul.
  5. i am an out of sight, out of mind type of person, and i hate it. except for with food. food is always on my mind.
  6. i am my biggest critic. like, if you think my outfit looks weird, trust me. i think it looks weirder. i've been working on it and it has gotten better, but jeesh! i can be cruel! 
  7. but! something good! i am wise...or so i think. i like to think of myself as a jv yoda or rufus humphrey -- just chock full of advice and life notes. whatever my advice is, i usually pretend i heard it from a better source. like oprah! or ann romney! isn't that weird? 
  8. ...and directly contradicting #5, i am my biggest fan. i have had this belief since i was a child that i just can't shake that i can do anything and everything. *spoiler: i can't. you should see all my craft attempts. pitiful.*
  9. i am laid back. except for when it comes to packing things up and planning high school dances. like, i just can't.
  10. i am a big sister + over the years i have learned to take the role more seriously. big sister claws are a real thing. 
  11. i am a can i have one bite?-er.
  12. i am a firm believer in alone time. and fountain diet dr. pepper from will's. and watching saturday night live every monday.
  13. i am a lover of the great outdoors but balls! i just hate snow!
  14. i am conditionally-sensitive. for the most part, i don't care all too much what people say but sometimes the silliest things will sting so hard...and they're usually said by the silliest people!
  15. i am a movie-crier. 
  16. ...and an ugly crier, too. i rarely cry...like, rarely. but when i do, oh heavens! it's like i've kept in all these things i've wanted to cry about for years and years and i'm like, well...i'm here anyways! i'll cry about failing a spelling test in fifth grade and the scene where the mama dies in bambi and getting picked last for kickball in kindergarten (...this actually never happened; i was a mega-butch when it came to sports in elementary school...) and anything else i can think of. it's really quite exhausting. 
  17. i am hard to get mad. i am just too lazy for it. 
  18. i am a big ol' fan of road trips...though i hate being in cars. 
  19. i am a klutz. i drop + break + lose everything. don't hand me your baby.
  20. i am not under the impression that any one actually read all twenty of these and/or did so without rolling their eyes a few times. but hey, it's hump day (hump day! ha!). 

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  1. i agree with so many of these. definitely a top-knot girl.


  2. the new blog look wins. my professor once told me i was an old soul in a young body... it was the strangest yet kindest compliment ever. i'm a can i have a one bite?-er too. oh you're eating a bag full of yummy mini cookies? do i want a bag? no thanks, but can i have one of yours. i need to find me a man who can deal with it. sharing food is important.


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