happy friday, folks!

Friday, May 10, 2013

okay, yep. now that my feet are blown up this big i'm realizing they should probably always be shoved into a pair of ugg boots, and not even the sparkly kind. i like to believe that god spent so much time working on all the other parts of me that when he came to my feet he was like, "well shoot, i'm tired. let's just slap these on."

is that sacreligious? (the amount of times i have to ask myself that in a week really ruins my chances of ever coming relief society president of the world. dangit.)

it's friday! which is nice because it means it's the weekend but also because it means i can make some really cliche 'happy friday, look at my cute pants' design and throw it up on here. you like, no? 

this weekend, most of our plans revolve around the sun. like the earth! see, mom! i learned something in...geography?  life sciences? algebra? one of those classes that i didn't do very well in? also we just bought some memberships at a rock wall (?)(why?!) and are going to test those suckers out. 

but mostly i just plan on catching up on gossip girl. it's official that it is no longer our show. it's just jeff's. he's watched nearly two whole seasons alone. ha! what do i make of this? he also picked out my pants in those pictures when we were shopping? but he fixed the washing machine and has huge biceps and can grow a beard in like, thirty two seconds! man card returned! 


  1. I love all your photos, what editor/effect/filter do you use?

    Many thanks,


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