that one time i went to logan, utah...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

first and perhaps, most importantly : look at me! well, look at this. this new space i'm bloggin' on. you're dying, no? how cute is my receding hair line to the right? and please, please, please click on the fourth social icon from the left -- it's my yelp page and i'm kiiiiind of proud of it. what? you don't like to share your opinions about gas station sodas and bean burritos? 

it was done by the lovely, lovely jenna over at grapefruit and gold. i'm hesitant to introduce her because  she's my katie huish. katie huish was my summer roommate in college who was exponentially better looking + funnier than me. introducing her to people was like saying, 'hey! you could have me or you could have twenty times better!' ha. no...but really...she also has a six-pack and is a college cheerleader so yeah. i kept her locked up. ;) it was like finding out you could have onion rings instead of fries. onion rings always win. 

this is all one long (and therapeutic?), drawn out metaphor to say that jenna is funny and her space on the internet is gold. gold, i tell you! (and grapefruit! ha! look what i did there?) she has mad, mad design skills and, perhaps, even more patience (i was probably not the best client in the world)(oh, that's the other thing. i got off on calling her 'my designer' -- which she was -- but oh...brooke...). 

if only my blog could shimmy and say 'voiiiiiila!' right now...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

onwards! to that one time i went to logan!

the weekend before last, jeff + i headed up to logan, utah to spend some time with my family and attend my cousin's (second cousin...but no matter) wedding. time with my family is always like a gust of energy straight to my lungs. or heart. or brain...or wherever 'energy' goes...


 there was texas sheet cake and mass amounts of diet coke and fresh new babies and inappropriate jokes (...poop jokes, to be specific...boys, boys, boys) and light gossiping so yeah, it was the standard mosman family gathering.

on our drive home, jeff remarked how i was blessed with super cool cousins. which like, i totally was! i don't mean to be gushy, but i am so grateful for them + the way they can make me laugh so hard i puke (no really, this happened once. at my dinner after my sweet grandpa's funeral, actually. i know, i know). 

and scene! 


  1. Love your new layout!!! so pretty and fresh looking :) I miss logan... actually just miss Utah! definitely have to go back one day. Thanks for sharing!


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