memorial day weekend with my jeffy boo boo.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what is this?! are photo collages taking littered with crappy phone pictures taking over my place in cyber space? the answer is yes. because collages are efficient. and if you know me, you know that i am alllll about efficiency.

...the last line was a lie. i am, admittedly, one of the least efficient people ever. i used to drive the long way to work just because i liked to spy on the people that were getting fast food this early in the morning and give them a fist pump. also despite the fact that we live right next to a grocery store, i prefer driving the extra ten miles to winco. because it reminds me of home, you know? 

onwards. let's talk about memorial day weekend. ooooooh, memorial day weekend. why do we call it that anyways? shouldn't we just just call it 'memorial weekend' seeing as it's longer than a day? right? there i go again; efficiency. i'm all about it. ;)
our weekend was so delicious + relaxing i just want to slurp it all up. four days of weekending is fiiiiiiine by me. here's some of the highlights (in bullet form. because i'm efficient, 'member?) :

+ going to my most favorite liberty park in salt lake city and feeling dizzy from a lunch of (49 cent!) slurpees and jalepeno beef sticks. yelk. also i think i met a real-life polygamist which was exciting because i love me some tlc sister wives! i just wanted to kiss her! 

+ playing the longest game of h.o.r.s.e. in the history of ever due to our piss-poor shots.

+ maxin' and relaxin' at the water park. we did like, fifty laps in the lazy river. the people watching is prime there. and why are teenagers so cute nowadays?! like, you are thirteen. i should not be this jealous of you! 

+ eating sushi that i still have heart burn from outside of smith's on patio furniture. it's the little things, you know ;).

+ oh my heck! we watched the guilt trip on sunday night. it was so good! like, so good. though barbra streisand drops the f-bomb hard which was sort of shocking but also like, hi barbra! stand up to your son!

+ a couple date. a couple date! a c o u p l e date. ha. we really one with jen + trevor (who is in a baaaand, people. which means, by the commutative(?) property, we are cool-ish). we went to joe's in provo and the nachos, oh! the nachos! i could swing sweet praises to those nachos. 

+ and! dinner at the bentley's (jen's family) that sunday. we were actually really quite nervous on the drive up. we were meeting the parents, you know? but that family! i suggest everyone find a bentley family to have sunday dinners with. they are funny (i originally typed 'funnnn-ay' but then. you know. efficiency). 

+ a little temple date + cubby's to follow. nuff said.

+ ummm...hi! new season of arrested development. jeff made a rule that we can only watch one a week. pffft. we've already watched five episodes. oh the powers + perks of being a woman.

wabam! thanks memorial day...weekend for extra time with my dude jeff and 49 cent slurpees. yes, yes, double yes. 


  1. I love this! I made a post- FINALLY! The Bentley family loved you guys! Seriously, KK could not stop talking about you two the next day. Also, I say all our future couple dates (is that too forward to assume there are more?) should include those nachos!

  2. the teenage thing totally throws me off. nobody our age was EVER that cute. ever. i mean, they're cuter at 13 thean i am at 23... how?! how do they have perfect skin while i'm over here pounding the ice cream with my zit-infested face? temple + cubby's sounds like perfection. i want to move to provo just for cubby's. i feel jealous of people who love the new AD season, i try so hard to like it, but i don't. the only episodes that are even relatively good (in my opinion) are the ones about tobias (I MISS BUSTER! AND GOB! AND GEORGE MICHAEL!... obviously i don't like the single story format).


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