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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

woof! is it already wednesday? and is it already may? and am i still doing really crappy graphic design courtesy of pixlr? answer is yes. these past couple weeks have seemed to just fly by me. here's a few ramblings that are neither here nor there:

:: we moved! but we are not moved in, per say. like, we just have boxes sitting in a room. home sweet home? but our new place has a washer + dryer (hallelujah!) and a disposal and faux-hardwood floors and the most amazing light. and did i mention it has a washer + dryer? sold.

i like moving. maybe it is because i lived in my same house for most all my life and was convinced that being the new kid in school would be the most awesome thing in the world. a chance to start over...and make up stories about yourself! pro wake boarder? sure! mom's an ex-dallas cheerleader? why not! you see what i'm getting at here?

:: that said, we had major graduation goggles right before we moved out of our old place. the leaky faucet was sort of soothing, right? and the five a.m. morning delights courtesy of our neighbors were kind of a nice wake up call, no? mostly we just got sappy about our ward and our visiting teachers...and those blasted five a.m. morning delights.

:: i wore makeup today! this shouldn't be such a feat or exclamation. like, i'm no natural beauty. give this face some concealer and eyeliner stat. the kids in my reading group nearly gasped when i walked in and finally, finally believed that i was older than fourteen (which i don't get! fourteen year old's generally don't have birthing hips and turtlenecks! i am distinguished, dangit!)( much as i'd like to believe that it's because of my youthful looks, i am 74% certain it's because of my victory dance when i beat 'em at any educational game. suckers!)

:: iron. man. three. guys, it was my jam. we saw it last night (tuesday night movie deals, i see you!) and can we talk about gwyneth paltrow's abs for thirteen seconds? girl is ripped. and is forty! lucky for me, i haven't peaked yet -- i've been living out this twenty year awkward stage and am crossing my fingers by the time i'm forty, i'll have abs of steel. and a child named after a fruit, too.

:: me + my melissa friend have been doing this 3-week fitness challenge at a nearby bootcamp gym. on the first day, we had to sign a waiver with the trainer that said the basics: if we got hurt, it wasn't their fault; we aren't guaranteed to lose weight; personal training involves some touching. the trainer then joked that extra-touching was extra and i just mindlessly said "oh, yeah. i know. where do i sign?"

like, i was serious. what in the? who am i? what was i trying to prove? also all the veterans ( in people that have done it before. not veteran veterans like i thought for the first four days) that work out there are so fit. i have caught myself staring at them far too many times. but those triceps, man.

:: the people at will's gas station know my name! or at least pretend to. actually i don't think they do? but they know my order! and that might be seven times as embarrassing than the fact that i am the only person who yelped about them. oops.

peace + blessings. 


  1. brooke you're so cute, i can't handle it. i just read so many of your posts and they had me laughing. i love your writing and general awesomeness

  2. Just found your blog! You are so cute!


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