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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

last night after an exhausting and serious debate, it was decided: the right side of my face is superior to the left (i shouldn't have been surprised -- the left side has been defiled by a scar from a biking accident. somehow(?) half of my left eyebrow disappeared and has to be penciled in ad nauseum. sometimes, if you're lucky, the fading serves as a  sundial of sorts; during the morning it's thick and dark and oh-so-gorgeous and as the day goes one, the eyebrow vanishes! magic?) was also decided that sean lowe as the new bachelor is good for the eyes but maybe not for the soul? those opened-mouthed kissed week after week...oh, heavens! and the terrible choices in shirt colors ( he perpetually sunburned?!)...

...additionally, it was decided that peach-stops on the way back from work can change lives (LIVES, people!), crushes on tina fey/liz lemon are okay so long as i can justifiably have a crush on kevin james (pre-weight loss, of course!), tuna-loaf should never, under any circumstances, be made again EVER, and mum's the word on repeat outfits (nobody even SAW me on tuesday, after all?). 


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