8 week challenge! (or something like that?)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

 jeff and i stupidly accepted my families '8 week challenge weight loss challenge' challenge (challenging?). it's this whole challenge (challenge!) which entails no sugar six days out of the week, exercise, vegetables, and other such things? 

anyways, in order to hold some sense of accountability (and since we all know i am the pits at challenges)(challenge!), i have decided to post a little update on sundays about our week and how it was for us. it will involve little whining and some humor and will probably only last a week? (no judgement passed if i am a fit of chocolate covered gummy bears and chocolate chip cookies...tuesday?). also i promise there will be no awkward before and after pictures-- unless i end up looking like heidi klum, in which case there will be a lot of afters.

wish us luck! (and you can join, too! click here!)


be nice?


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