a dollar cone, too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

yesterday afternoon while i was sitting at work (at my desk! my very own desk!), i got a phone call from morgan's mom telling me that she had been in a little car accident and that i should go get her. i exhaled deeply and slammed down the phone -- most likely startling the focused programmers in my department -- and sprinted for the door. adrenaline was rushing! mind was racing! legs were moving uncharacteristically fast!

as i neared UVU, i could see that she was in no real harm (thank the high heavens!). her treasured car named after her grandmother (oh, judy!) was being towed away and she was chatting up the boy that she just hit. apparently he know's jef holm? and apparently he bought the car four days ago? oops. also, let it be noted, his name was tucker.

morgan and i went to mcdonald's (the place where we celebrate and wallow in our sorrows) for a stiff drink and a dollar cone -- she had just totaled her car, you know?

it all reminded me of the day that i hit two cars -- yes, two cars -- in one day. i was pulling into church and scraped the car next to me. i left a note explaining the situation and how sorry i was and that the right thing to do was forgive, right?

three hours later, i backed into the car next to me.

at that moment, i truly thought my life was over. i had just hit two cars for heaven sake!  i would forever spend my life indebted to these two mini-van owners...license-less.

sometimes during my bad days, it's so hard to see out of them. to remember that tomorrow is another day and that i will soon escape this moment of MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME-ness. i have to remember that life goes on. that eventually i will, hypothetically speaking, go on to drive again. and hit three more cars (no judgement here! practice makes perfect! we learn from our mistakes!).

am i being profound yet? i know you consider me your source of inspiration and wisdom?


  1. liar! you said no one would ever see that picture. rude.

  2. Oh poor Judy!! And I remember hearing about your two car day! Ha ha ha!! It's a family legend. :)

  3. ....only to back into another car a week later. Your reason, "I bought a fish and was making sure the bag didn't fall on the floor". All that "practice" hitting cars have made you a fabulous driver....oh wait! Love you regardless!


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