Thursday, September 13, 2012

i'm going to go out on a big, fat whim and say that this week was sort of the start of fall? officially? this was the first week where i didn't have to simultaneously walk to school and air out my armpits -- that's a big feat, you know? today was especially delectable. the air was so crisp i just wanted to suck it all up and i am almost certain i heard some leaves crunch -- i have missed that sound. 

today jeffrey took me on a school-date to the cougar-eat to share(?) chocolate milk and oatmeal raisin cookies. he has a weird way of drinking chocolate milk in which he puts his entire mouth over the bottle? also his beard has earned him a few 'honor code' references. also today i ran to the store because i was craving pickles and vanilla pudding, these things happen you know? i then attempted to open the jar of pickles while driving while changing the radio station and spilt the jar all over my leapord print pants and car. now i smell like pickles and really don't foresee any more pickle-cravings in the immediate future. 

 and that's all. (p.s. happy basically-weekend!)


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