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Sunday, September 16, 2012

friday is our designated 'date day.' i always feel lame saying it and don't much like to talk about it on account of it makes me feel old (i do like the alliteration, though!). jeff took the reigns on friday and picked out a thai restaurant down the street for our d.d.d(esignation). i was excited! so excited, in fact!, that i spent a frustrating hour trying to pick all his brothers' hair out of my sweater. because i give hair cuts, you big weird.

right as we sat down, jeff ordered. there was no time for drink-picking or menu-pronouncing (my grandma's rule: don't eat what you can't pronounce; i was had limited options for most of my life -- especially when i had a short stint in lispiness due to orthodontics!). curry! pad thai! water, please! 

the waitress returned suspiciously fast with our food; i am nearly positive she just nuked some leftovers and called it THAI! i was so hungry that i didn't care. we dove into our bowls in silence and were completely finished in seven minutes (SEVEN!). i don't even recall chewing? 

we were there twenty minutes total. TWENTY MINUTES CAPITAL LETTERS. jeff suggested we get some more noodles at winco (unlawful sampling at the bulk bins could be dessert?) and i discussed my newly found knee zit (who even gets zits on their knees, anyways?).

...we ended the night in comfy sweats watching netflix'd episodes of 30 rock...

when i told this story to my mom, she just laughed and said: "oh, married life!"

to which i replied: "oh?" 

also the verdict is still out on knee zits.


  1. hahaha! we've had a couple of dates like that recently :) but comfy sweats and netflix is my favorite kind of date anyway!

    I love reading your blog! congratulations on the wedding!

    1. thanks so much! and aren't comfy sweats the best? i secretly look forward to that part of the night the entire time ;).


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