real coke?

Friday, September 14, 2012

there are very few things that truly rev my engines (politically)(sexually...that's another story)(only kidding!). very few things that would make me hold a picket sign or strain my vocal cords from chanting. is that bad? i am sort of, kind of sometimes easily swayed. i have my firm beliefs on the big things (uggs are ugly but in some specific situations, extremely practical; a movie is the worst first date; eggs with a1 or ketchup, only), but on the little, i'm kind of here and there. 

i remember one time in writing class, my teacher told us all about the wild horses and how they should be allowed to roam freely! forever! she used so much pretty language and exaggerated arm movements that i left the class nearly shouting: "FREE THE HORSES!" another time i was at the farmer's market and a man told me if i signed his petition for more money towards nursing homes, he'd give me a free hamburger coupon and sign it i did! all caps, even! (...and that was the best hamburger i've ever eaten, by golly!)

just give me a compliment and the promise of free food, and i am on your team! go us! out to change the world, one wild horse at a time! 

as i was walking home today, i noticed a group of young men handing out fliers. and free soda. i marched over to them and asked what they were all about? and can i have one of those? they told me that they were out to change byu-- they were petitioning to have caffeinated soda on campus!

it might have been the fact that they handed me a REAL coke (you guys! jeff did some silly calculations and realized that if we buy the shasta knock-offs instead of REAL diet dr. pepper and diet coke, we will save something like $500 a year? say what?)or the fact that one of the boys complimented my skirt, but i am all about it! go us! out to change the world, one caffeine buzz at a time!

but in all seriousness, please give us some straight coke, byu? and do you really like my skirt? 

...let the wild horses roam free!


  1. Yaaaaay yaaaaay yaaaaaaay! this post made me want to free wild horses! And of course, the diet coke fan that I am, I am very very much in favor of a caffeinated BYU.


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