Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(the far right photo was at the peak of my jeffarazzi annoyance. ha.)

september makes me itchy for change. it might be the shifting of seasons or the barren agendas or perhaps it's just that i'm brooke and this always happens? this september i got especially change-crazed; i even messaged jeff at work about living in michigan? what? 

jeff vetoed the michigan idea...and the 'let's buy a cat!' idea...and the 'call me bubbles?' idea, too. he convinced me to channel my craze into something less...permanent (a short stint in 'bubbles'-hood can have lasting psychological damage, you know?). like a hair cut. 

so i did it! and i even put some color in it! but feel free to call me bubbles ;). 

p.s. my hair was chopped/washed/colored/complimented thoroughly at salon k in provo by  karissa--  i super recommend her! she was so fun and talented and gave me a diet coke 'for the road' (the whole salon sympathized with my recent off-brand switch) and her kardashian is kim? 


  1. UM YOU DID IT! I love it!!! Seriously. Move over Olivia.

  2. This. Is. Amazing. Are you kidding me B, I am so obsessed you are so gorgeous! I'm having withdrawls without you.

  3. B. Stapes you are lookin' freshhh


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