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Monday, July 6, 2015

right now i am :

* wanting to know my future. just a glimpse. considering calling a psychic.
* sweating my brains out. utah. so. hot.
* spending all the time i can with my paigey poo.
* absolutely, positively destroying my skin with all this sun time.
   woops. fifty year old me will be a leather purse.
* trying to do yoga again? ...get back to me on that one. hahahah.
* resisting the urge to drive thru mcdonald's every. single. day. for a soft serve ice cream.
* fleetingly baby hungry.
* looking forward to being a wedding attendee again this next month!
* wondering where we will be this time next year(???). such a strange time in life.
* watching an unsettling amount of HGTV. i love you, joanna gaines!

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