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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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this last week, jeff's family flew us out to california to come visit + to celebrate kenna and kevin's impending nuptials with an engagement party! it was such an unexpected + unplanned trip to end our june. what i am trying to say is THANK YOU, stapleton family! we had a lot of family time + a lot of beach time + a lot of food coma-ing. my perfect vacation.

also jeff's mom left diet coke + gluten free bread in the fridge + i cried happy tears.
NOW! THE PHONE DUMP! (scroll, scroll, scroooooooooll) :

because all blogs should have cleavage shots. HEEEEEY! 

I KNOW my beachwear is revolutionary /// i've had those anklets on for almost ten years. which is totally weird, i'm aware. anyways, in the summer the tan line gets insane. like, hi ankles! see you never. 

we went to the harbor one morning + had bagels. S'CUTE, right?! hahahaah. gross.

PSA : my kortni friend makes THE BEST swimsuits. you've probably already heard of her but hi! they're so fun + you feel like you can eat all the bagels you want + play in the sand + flip around in the ocean and nothing is coming out. and by that i mean your boobs are in and your pooch is secure. SCORE. 

i sincerely wish my life could be just one long lunch with olivia. mushy gushy. also more cleavage.
gimme all the cleavage.

jeff + i walked strands sunday night. aren't we cute?! tell me you think we are cute. hahahah. just kidding. half the time i was complaining about a stomach ache + agonizing over the split of ben affleck and jennifer garner. why is life so cruel!?!? 

on monday night, we went to an angel's game with jeff's neighbor friends + family. 
baseball is a long sport. woof. but go angels! hurry up! play faster! mike trout!

on the lats night, jeff + i went to dinner in san juan capistrano. we ate at sundried tomato + jeff's cute friend emily was the hostess there + hooked us up with some butter? toffee? fruity? cake. it was devoured in less than ten seconds + it was sooooo good. then we came home + had a second dinner + played uno with his family. i lost miserably.

till next time, california! 


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