balloon fest with paigey //

Friday, July 3, 2015

yesterday morning we woke up at the wee hour of six a.m. to go watch the balloon launch.
to be perfectly honest, we mostly just went in hopes michelle money would be there. ha. 
she said she was going on her snapchat + alarms were set immediately following.

twins!!!! also that lady remained looking into my camera the. whole. time. 
hi lady! 

anyways, she wasn't there. cody wasn't either. it's fine. we're fine.
balloons were there though! and mcdonalds was right next door. small victories.

utah in the summer is the knees, you guys!
(the knees? i don't know? let's roll with it?)


  1. This looks like a great morning! LOVE IT! You guys are getting photo bombed all over the place! HA HA HA! LOVE The Darth Vader balloon!


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