little happys

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

// avocado + banana bubble tea with extra boba.
// long + sweaty yoga classes where i stumble out of poses + fumble my way through sun salutations.
   bonus points when my nikki-friend comes with!
// jeff starting my car! it has been dead since we left for california. womp womp.
// a l o n g walk talking to my mama about everything under the sun.
// a temple date with jeff + nikki.
// el pollo loco. seriously.
// new episode of real housewives of new york city.
// a break from the triple digit weather.
// cherry pomegranate crystal light. mmmm, beveragey.
// my squirt top gatorade water bottle. makes me feel...athletic.
// my family coming next week! yay yay yay!

this post brought to you in part by a very uneventful tuesday + 
a missing sense of humor. 


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