happy july second // *almost* THREE YEAR OLDS

Thursday, July 2, 2015

so, totally not a selfie.
- - - - - - -

also can you believe jeff + i are approaching three years
i like three-year-old us.
sure, we are dinged-up + chubbier + have been through THE ROUGH PATCH (vol. 1 of 3,203,447, or so i've heard) but hey! three-year-old us has more fun + more depth + less 'what are you thinking about?'-ing. because i freaking hate that question. hahahah. 
round of applause for shotgun weddings everywhere! 

...you are welcome for the most romantic sentiments about marriage + love + other some such things.
you didn't expect much from me, right? 


  1. I love three year old you + Jeff! You two are FUN and I wish I could see you more! Keep having fun and posting! Love you!


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