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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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HIIIII! it's me. in an effort to remember EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of my life, i'm going to play a bit of catch-up from this summer so far. and then i'll probably never post again and play catch up again in october. expectations : LOWERED!

anyways. onwards, upwards : miyaharding wedding.
at the beginning of june, i flew to georgia to celebrate avery getting married to her love, brit. it was a blur of flowers + humidity + $4 diet cokes from the lobby + i am so happy i got to be a small part of it. watching your friend get married is a happy thing + watching your friend get married to a guy you know will treat her like gold forever is even happier. yay! love!

avery + i flew in on tuesday + were welcomed with open arms to a georgia downpour. it was magical. also i got called 'sugar' twice at the airport + so like, what did i care? RAIN! RAIN ALL YOU WANT! the next day, we picked up olivia from the airport + headed to stone mountain.
what is stone mountain you ask?
i am not sure. i slept through the train ride + mildly remember being tied up at a ropes course? STONE MOUNTAIN! i'll include a picture down below so you can sort it out for yourself.

the next day, the rest of the bridesmaids flew in + we went downtown atlanta to eat + see the coke museum + frantically search for nene leakes (to beg her to take her new weave out)(and also to stay on real housewives. WHAT IS LIFE!!!). i successfully tried all 300? 180? soda flavors from all the different countries + felt absolutely dizzy afterwards. sugar rush! we ended the night with face masks + tacos.

the next day was a blur of flowers + hair + makeup + bridals! also chick fil a. we shot bridals on the golf course + watched the sun set + had ice dream + i didn't even notice the army of mosquitos eating my alive because LOVE! ICE CREAM! MINIMAL SLEEP!

the next day was the wedding + it. was. beautiful. avery looked like a queen. we had a luncheon at mary mac's where everyone toasted the happy couple + ate their weight in sweet potatoes and fried chicken (bless you, spanx). it was so awesome to see them both so happy! weddings! love! georgia! the night ended with music + mingling + maybe i lost my phone + maybe lily called the police + maybe it was bizarre but hey, MEMORIES!!! hahahaha.

all the bridesmaids! minus maddy. where were you maddy? 

this was long winded. but! the point! : the south will rise again!!!!! + congratulations to avery + brit!


  1. THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! I just reread it a number of time and once out loud for Brit so we could both "awwwww" at your precious sentiment! We are big brookie fans ("big" more so describing my mass than my depth of fan'ness) but f'real we love you mucho! Side note comment: I think we should start training for this marathon....


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