Sunday, July 5, 2015

the fourth of july is seriously one of my favorite holidays.
summer + BBQ + fireworks = gold.

this year we celebrated at home in utah. i seriously love utah for the fourth. so many parades + fireworks + activities. ALL THE ACTIVITIES! ALL THE BBQ! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

on the third, we went to an outdoor concert + carnival on center street in provo. we stayed for like, thirty minutes because my stomach was hurting (story. of. my. life.) but! it was a great thirty minutes. hahah. when we went to bed that night, i told jeff that we had to live it up the next day because we were so lame all day.
(like. seriously. so lame. my sister came over + we thought about organizing my closet then just watched four episodes of pretty little liars instead)

so the fourth! we woke up early to go on a morning walk/jog/...walk + scope out the parade. we ended up staying uncomfortably long just watching the parade participants trying not to die from heat stroke. WHY don't the band kids have a summer uniform? give those kids some shorts! poor tuba maestro.

(jeff's new shirt he bought at the carnival, ha!)

i entitle this series : brooke slowly dies from heat stroke / too many pictures / feigned enthusiasm. 

THEN we went home, napped, ate fistfuls of cherries + headed off to the beloved bentley's home. 
jeff went golfing with the guys while the ladies (+ matt) stayed back + chatted. also i chopped some lettuce so, there's that. when they got back we ate the most d e l i s h dinner of homemade potato salad, burgers, hot dogs, homemade salsa + corn. HEAVEN. thank you, kk!

we ended the night with some charades/heads-up, fireworks + ice cream treats. we just sat on the driveway + oogled the neighbor's firework show. 


THANKS SO MUCH for having us, bentley family! 
and a happy fifth of july to y'all! 


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