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Sunday, February 15, 2015

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Jeff Stapleton planned our Valentine's this year + proved that he so, so gets me.
He reserved us a racquetball court where we played a game chock full of sweat, blood, profanity + lots of rule-Googling. I assumed the other people playing on the courts next to us were just as into their game as we were but when I walked out to get a drink, I quickly realized we were the only ones taking it seriously + throwing my racquet against the wall out of frustration might have been a bit much. But what is Valentine's day without a little competition + lots of shots to the throat?!


We walked home + got a giant soda + ordered a sickening amount of cheap sushi for a 4:30 dinner. I'm going to say it : sushi is one of those things that you shouldn't try to be frugal about. You know? Because when it is bad, it is bad. All bolded. We overate + felt sick + ended the night watching YouTube videos (I watched Too Many Cooks for the first time ever. I would like 11 minutes of my life back now) + Friends.

Early dinner, soda, semi-justified cursing + an all out war of a competition : my type of Valentine's Day. Three cheers, Jeffrey!


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