Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Last night we went on a double date. If you were wondering, it's our third in two weeks! WHAT! We are so proud of ourselves. Like, SO proud. I suppose it's only two because one of them was a Superbowl party with the Smith's (heartbreak for the Hawks...)(but hi, Tom Brady keeps it tight...) but HEY! Vast improvements! Social butterflies! WE. ARE. FUN. DANGIT.

Anyways, we went to see the Globetrotters with Avery + her man boy. I was secretly cheering for The Generals + kept Googling each player's salary + information because HOW IS THAT A JOB?! And the abuse The Generals have to put up with?! Can you imagine that interview?!

Okay so you're hired. The job entails losing every time we play + putting up with our antics. You in or what? 

I'm such a fun sucker.
Anyways : The Globetrotters. The night ended with soft-serve + Jackson 5 + Jeff + I high-fiving each other for leaving the house.



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