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Monday, February 2, 2015

HAPPY MONDAY! Don't read this post if you don't watch Friends.
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I love Friends (the show)(...and actual friends, too). I can watch any episode at any time + audibly guffaw from laughter. I recently watched it completely through with Jeff + now he is watching it over...again. I feel like a proud parent (which is fortunate for my children because the bar is low. Indulge in my favorite TV shows + my heart might burst open with pride).

I like to pretend that I am 80% Rachel, 10% Joey and 10% Phoebe + ruthlessly try to get Jeff to see all the similarities while we watch.
See how Rachel returns everything? I ALWAYS return everything. Hey? Hey?
BUT! Jeff informed me yesterday that I am Cheryl from Season 4, The One with Ross and the Dirty Girl. Ha! I get it. I'm messy. But you see how Rachel returns everything? I return everything...

And can we talk about Ross. Particularly ROSS IN SEASON 10! Oh my word. ROSS IN SEASON 10. All caps. Again. Ross has episodes, especially in the first few seasons, where he drives me nuts + is so whiny. BUT! Then he gets better. And better. And then season ten happens + I'm falling off the treadmill watching The One Where Ross is Fine + he is making FAJITAS! Also when he plays the keyboards? I die. When he gets the spray tan? OH MY HECK. I'M AN 8!

Okay, okay, okay. I'll stop now. Or, at least, try to. I keep starting every sentence with do you watch Friends? and if that's a flop I switch to do you like The Bachelor? and if that's a flop, I realize I am talking to a person with actual depth + start to feel my palms sweat. 



  1. Friends is at the root of my being and I can thank my mom for watching friends and thus, raising me with it ingrained in my soul. I just started watching it from season 1 again since it's on Netflix and I didn't pack my 10 seasons with me to Boise and Seth eventually started overhearing episodes I was watching until he eventually just started watching them WITH me and now he's in love.

    I like to think I'm maybe 25% Chandler, 40% Pheobe, and 30% Rachel, and 5% Joey. Or something. Mostly because I want to be as funny and weird as Pheobe but as beautiful as Rachel and Joey?


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