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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh. My. I just finished Parenthood last night + bawled. Has there ever been a more touching finale in the history of television? I just love Zeek so much it is actually concerning. I sat on my bed with tears streaming down my face as Jeff stood in the doorway completely confused. Ha. It was just so good! I felt closure + like, yay! Everyone is taken care of! Everything is going to be okay! But also as a self-appointed Braverman, I felt sad that I wouldn't see them again. OH! MY! GOSH! Now I want to cry all over again.

Also can we talk about The Bachelor? This season has been especially great. I feel like my hat goes off to the producers for making such good television...but now can we have a follow up show about Kelsey? Woof. When she was just staring at Ashely I. (with the eyelashes) I truly felt uncomfortable. Was that whole date centered around the confrontation? Like, what exactly were they planning to do in the middle of nowhere with just a four post bed and some wine? That dirty dog. Just kidding. But also the helicopter get-away was so dramatic and perfect. Also I'm obsessed with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Voting her for Bachelorette.

ANYWAYS! What else? I've been running more as of late. I stupidly talked my Nikki friend into running the Provo City marathon with me in May. Ha. I feel like this could segue into a whole new ramble about how Nikki is the perfect friend to talk into anything. Truly anything. I remember one time we played a game where we closed our eyes + got dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no phones and had to find our way back. Every one needs a Nikki.

Anyways, running. I feel like there is this strange correlation between running + the amount of selfies I take. Like, look at this madness (all separate days, all in the same shirt + sports bra. Different wads of gum. Laundry is hard okay?) :
Hahahahaha. It's embarrassing. Every day after I finish my run I snap a sweaty picture to myself + send it to Jeff and he responds, "Yay! Go you!" half-heartedly. It just feels right.

Anyways. The end.


  1. haha this is the best. i'm all about that same sports bra life.


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