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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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A few matters to  discuss here at Simply Brooke (remember when I was newly married + changed the name to Simply Us for two + a half weeks? CRINGE).

1. THE YOUTH : I subbed a middle school class the other week + was told I looked like a girl on The Bachelor. I didn't know quite how to take it  BUT I, of course, took the opportunity to talk about The Bachelor freely only to be met by SHOCKED stares. A girl screamed from across the room, "YOU WATCH THE BACHELOR?!" + then started going off about how it was so weird for an adult to watch that show + WHAT?!?

...wait. WAIT! You are thirteen. It is more shocking that YOU watch that show. ALSO! I am not that old! ALSO! The Bachelor is MY show more than YOUR show. Oh. My. Goodness. Guys, I was fuming! She proceeded to insult my pop-culture intelligence by asking if I listened to Beyonce + knew the member of One Direction. HONEY! CHILD! I have like, three things going for me + a wide knowledge of all things pop-culture is one of them. I WAS SO INSULTED.

Also! A kid in the class was named Chandler + I asked if his parents watched Friends + he had never even heard of it.
I wanted to just throw out the lesson plan + turn it into a School of Rock type lesson because HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF FRIENDS?

And if you are wondering, I have seen School of Rock upwards of 3,409 times. We used to have like, five movies at our lake shack + two of were copies of School of Rock. CELLO! You have a bass!
Avery + I went to Yogurtland last night + our near identical concoctions weighed the EXACT same.
The cashier pointed it out + we were oddly excited. TWINS.

2. WHAT DO I WATCH : I feel lost without Friends playing constantly in the background. What do I watch, people? Gilmore Girls? More Dance Moms? Help.

3. WHAT DO I EAT + DO : I always need to be moving. Except for when I'm binge-watching something/if Real Housewives of Anywhere is on, in that case, I'm good. I blame my hyper-activity on undiagnosed ADHD + too much caffeine. Maybe. I just get bored so quickly staying in the same place + always want to GO, GO, GO! 
Anyways, last night around midnight I started booking hotels + planning trips for spring.
The line-up includes short trips to Vegas + St. George with a trip to Idaho, Arizona, California, + GEORGIA in the mix.  I should not be trusted during the wee hours of the morning. Officially. BUT! I am so excited!
I need help, though. Where are some good places to eat in St. George, Arizona, +/or Vegas?
Also how do I dress for humidity?
Also how do I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online?


4. LADY GAGA AT THE OSCARS : I LOVE THE SOUND OF MUSIC! In my dreams, I am Liesl Von Trapp + I only communicate through telegrams. Stop. Ha. She's the original mega-babe. But LADY GAGA. I was so happy! She looked so normal + wasn't in a giant egg + sounded SO GOOD.

5. MY BUDDIES GOT ENGAGED : My brother-in-law Kevin is ENGAGED to my friend Kenna + I am still so happy about it. The end. Also they're getting married in Tennessee + I keep talking about it to everyone. It's fine.

6. LEMONADE HURTS COMING THROUGH THE NOSTRILS : I was sipping a Chick Fil A sugar-free lemonade while perusing Cotton On WHILE talking to my sister. Multi-tasking. She was recounting a funny story from this summer involving in which I got TAKEN OUT by a skim boarder (hahahahah) + I was laughing so hard that I started gasping for air + lemonade was getting everywhere. Sorry Cotton On.


...the end. But also I just popped on Gilmore Girls out of curiosity + I think I found the answer to number two. I'm ultra excited that the harp player in the pilot is the teacher from The Lizzie McGuire Movie...also I'm just now realizing what a terribly lazy movie title that was.
Almost as cringe-worthy as 'Simply Us.'
And now we're back.


  1. uh-oh. it still says "simply us" when i search for your blog on bloglovin'... still a thing!

  2. I feel like subbing either makes you feel ancient or way too young. Kids are always shocked when they find out I'm married but then ask if I have a ton of kids so obviously their logic is sound.


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