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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It feels like spring right now in Utah. Today I ran in a t-shirt + shorts + felt comfortable. Well, not totally comfortable -- I haven't ran in months + forgot how hard it is. WOOF. My legs. They burn. If you are still reading this sentence then you win a gold medal for putting up with my subtle bragging. Let me be more blunt : I WENT RUNNING! I am proud! Fitness!

Anyways : Wednesday. Spring. Utah. Why am I so skeptical of this good weather? And low gas prices? Is the world about to come to an end? I think it might be which is why I am binge-watching Parenthood at a rapid speeds. Or something.

IN OTHER NEWS : Morgan came over today + we laid on the couch with a candle burning *re-watching* The Bachelor. Also I feel it necessary to explain we were laying on separate couches + the candle was purely for smell, not ambience. In case you are wondering, Morgan does the best impression of Ashley I. (Kardashley). Please, if you ever see her, have her do it for you.



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