Thursday, February 19, 2015


I forget to wash the deep conditioning oil treatment out of my hair before shooting an engagement/proposal session. HA! It was horrendous looking.

I'm an hour and a half late to work + try to use wit and charm to make the situation better. Unsuccessfully. Also, a word to the wise : when you are running late to work, don't come in with a fresh fountain drink. It doesn't help the whole I was driving as fast as I could! argument.

I bump into people I know + love at Target (HI JESS!) + interrupt their shopping for 45 minutes by making them tell me everything I am good at + what I should do with my life...because WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

I browse homes online in all the places Jeff says he might want to live and work for hours at a time.

I plan to go on a run all day + then trip down my stairs as I am walking outside + say "SCA-REW THIS!" + walk back inside. Woops.
I play therapist to a herd of seventh graders. Guys, I am not kidding. I was running + a bunch of kids started running alongside me as a joke/dare. It was funny for the first ten minutes and then THREE MILES later I was like, wow. Commitment.

I just want to talk about The Bachelor + nail polish + Miley Cyrus + that's it. But I have to pretend to be a person of depth. Hrmph.

I decide I want a dog! A DOG! and send my landlord a five page letter about how grateful I am that he is letting us live here and what a great experience it has been and how a dog would really be a stepping stone into parenting for me + my husband and how is your mom? and yadda yadda yadda only to get a reply ONE MINUTE LATER that says, I kid you not, "No dogs." + that's it.

I drive through my soda dealer + they ask if I'd like my usual.

I crack my phone to the point of no return + don't realize it till eight hours later. WAIT! MY PHONE! CRACKED ALL DAY!

T H E E N D .


  1. BLOG SHOUTOUT! i feel honored.

    new ideas: flight attendant/airport employee (flight benefits?). youtuber/vlogger (i'd watch, duh).

    despite your commitment to funeral directing...


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