Friday, January 16, 2015

|| Shot a wedding + arrived frighteningly early.
|| Walked into a gas station to find a boy eating assumedly stale Christmas peeps
while crying into a walkie talkie + thought : Hmmm. Been there.
(also Pink's song Try was playing in the background)
|| Drank so much soda. SO MUCH. 
|| Took this super emo self portrait. It was cloudy. Don't blame me.
|| Laughed out loudly watching Friends. Season 8, I love you.
|| Bumped into like, everyone from my freshman year of college + 
instantly regretted my sweat-inducing turtleneck. 
|| Made a Lizzie McGuire reference that didn't land. 
|| Probably racked up the water bill to $4,382. Three baths is always a good idea(?).
|| Patiently waited behind a man attempting to buy cigarettes by 
unsuccessfully pointing. Left, left, down, left, right.

AND that, my friends, was my Friday.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
(well, sort of. My wedding tomorrow is at the same place...eery?)


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