A post I was writing + then wasn't.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

- - - - - - 
This is the start of a post I was writing at 8:52 last night.
Then, thankfully, my Nikki-friend called me + I read what was on the screen and thought :
What is this garbage?!?

Why are boobs a thing? And why are they so fascinating?
Am I the only one that...

- - - - - 

I sincerely have no idea where I was going with the last statement.
Probably something about how my can either be the best or worst part of my day,
depending on how gravity is feeling + the clinginess of my shirt + ...yeah.

- - - - - - 

In other news, we just put up these pictures
 + it's been brought to my attention that they are kind of...boob-like?
Now I feel like I have to bring it up to every houseguest + have them weigh in.
Home-teachers and the plumber included.

That's all.


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