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Monday, January 5, 2015

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I remember my freshman year I stopped in the middle of campus to take a picture of the snow-capped mountains
+ a boy called me a zoobie. Ummm, whatever dude. The mountains are pretty and I am going to keep taking pictures
to my heart's desire. This one is for YOU!
Clearly I have moved on from it.
Also I just listened to This American Life podcast about how you never really move on from anything. Your feelings just
lie there dormant but perfectly in tact until POOF! You remember! Hey! I really don't like that kid who called me a zoobie! 
Fascinating, no? 

I digress.
On to a HAPPY LIST! (scroll, scroll, scroll...)

Dec. 29th - Jan. 5th HAPPY LIST : 
* literally running into my funniest friends, Jack + Jordan, + catching up 
with them at my kitchen counter just like old times. You bet I peed my pants laughing.
* failed gym attempt turned sauna session turned awkward interaction with Nikki.
* NEW YEARS! I love the fresh start. Also we celebrated by going to WalMart to look for crafts (ha!) + 
watching the ball drop begrudingly. I know this is a happy list,
 but like, why do I have to stay up if I don't want to? I AM TIRED, FERGIE! Also why was Fergie sing-talking everything?! 
* (on second thought) Fergie sing-talking everything on New Year's Eve. Woof.
* starting a friendship in Relief Society almost entirely based on The Bachelor.
 What better indication is there of true friends than a mutual love for trashy reality television + Prince Farming?
* I know I am late in the game, but the This American Life podcast. SO good. I feel so cultured and hip.
* Breakfast with my Kylie friend. 
* Coming back to a clean house. Is there anything better?
* Soft-serve + gyros with Paige. 
* City league basketball! Though we kind of, totally stink. Ha. This is the
hard truth. But the entertainment factor is always a perfect ten.



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