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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A random, self-indulgent rambling for your Sunday evening enjoyment.
But first! A PSA :
Linen pajama sets, people.
Also duck lips, also mirror selfie, also yadda yadda yadda...

As soon as I walk through the door of my childhood home, I revert back to being 15 : highly dependent, slightly confrontational, exceptionally loud, curiously hyper-active. I truly feel like I lead a double life, Utah Brooke and Idaho Brooke. Idaho Brooke doesn't know how to do her own laundry + texts her mom to make her breakfast + eats whatever, whenever at all hours of the night + (let me drive this point home) is so loud. SO loud. Like, makes your head whip around in the grocery store because why is that girl so loud?! type of loud. 

Utah Brooke, on the other hand, is slightly more introverted + CAN do laundry and make dinner (eh, sometimes) + feels just fine binging on Netflix + finds slowly perusing the aisles of Target while talking on the phone to friends + family to be the best kind of therapy. Also Utah Brooke is like, way more calm. 

Do you get what I am saying? DOUBLE LIFE. 
Shoot, get me on TLC. 


  1. Linen pajamas?! Oh my word. Where can I find these??

    1. They're my mama's! I think she got them at Macy's? BUT THEY ARE WONDERFUL. All caps.


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