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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A picture that has nothing to do with the post.
Also this is very vain.
And self-deprecating.
The best kind of combination!

Sometimes I meet people for the first time + think, shoot, I totally misrepresented myself. I should have paced my personality a bit.
You see, my Avery-friend + I were talking at the gym yesterday about how often times we come on a bit too strong. I don't know how to explain it but...Oh! I just thought of the best simile (metaphor?)(simile!) :

I occasionally feel like a preview that kicks serious butt and you are like, this movie is going to be the funniest, most interesting movie of the year! Then you go and see the movie and you're like, huh? All of the good parts were just in the previews. Why am I just watching a chick sit here + watch the Bachelor + walk around Target + laugh at all her own jokes?

That was really good.

For example : Just yesterday, I met an Internet-crush who was as fabulous in person as she is on the Internet, and mid-way through the conversation (I ambushed her in the gym locker room), I realized that I was literally screaming. My brain went through a sequence of thoughts :

Why is my voice so high right now? 
How do I get it down from here?
Should I keep this voice up through the duration of the conversation?
How weird would it be to switch back to my normal voice?
Why are my eyebrows cemented half-way up my forehead?
Why am I swaying my head back and forth so much?
Did I just squeal?
Where did that cackle come from?!

You get it.
Or do you?

Say you do?


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